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Today's Financial Data
Java-capable browsers can see China's latest stock prices here.
Stock Closings:
major indexes
Shenzhen B :738.35-25.66
Shanghai B :54.52-0.46
Hang Seng:10405.81-348.30
Taipei :8092.58-162.47
Exchange Rates
currency per US$
RMB 8.2792
HK$ 7.7495
NT$ 32.150
Yen 128.98
News Watcher:
breaking China business news from around the net

China state firms to raise $12 bln in stock offers
China gave a hint of its battle plan for the defence of struggling state industry on Thursday, saying it would raise $12 billion in stock offers and wipe out $4.8 billion in bad debt next year.
-- from HK Connection -- Reuters

Bank issues standards on integrated circuit cards
THE central bank yesterday released in Beijing China's first standards for integrated circuit (IC) cards, paving the way for the interoperability of bank cards across banks and regions.
-- from China Daily Web Edition

Top China Business Links

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China Business News

CIEC Business News : China Business Vista
Updated daily.
BT Online :News
Updated daily.
HK Standard: China Business& Economy
Updated daily.
Business Beijing Magazine On-Line
Analysis, news, features and graphic data about the business climate in China, with special emphasis on Beijing.
Computers & Technology News (IDG China)
A virtual gold mine of China computer and networking news. This page lists articles by month for the entire year.
China Articles at Sichuan China Business
Collects articles on China business from a variety of sources with both Sichuan and general China focus. Arranged by category.

Job Finders

Job Market : SinoSource
Career China
Listings for both employers and job seekers.

Laws and Regulations

Recent Chinese Laws Affecting You
China Investment Laws
Has full-text of a number of important business-related laws and regulations.
Xiamen Investment Regulations (full text)
Full listing of investment and business law related to the Xiamen Special Economic Zone. Links to full text of each law.
WTDB: China Business Law and Regulations
A fairly comprehensive list of business-related laws and regulations coming out of China. Names only.

Product & Service Directories

China Search Page by China Commercial Net
English and Chinese key words searches return homepage locations. Skewed towards the Hong Kong area, but still valuable.
SinoSource: Business Directory of China
Extensive listing of China products and services. Index only, no search capability.
A s i a n N e t - China Business Directory
This directory links to the actual homepages of the products and services listed. Not very large listing but worth a look.

Bulletin Boards
Use bulletin boards to post your own China business ad, or see what others are offering.

China Business Vista: Wanted to Buy
China Business Bulletin Board
Lots of activity, but no indexing, so it may be difficult to find what you are looking for.
China-Time Free Reader Postings
New. Not much content at the moment but could grow.
SinoSource: Business Bulletin Board
Wanted and Offered.

Fairs & Exhibitions

ChinaVista Conference Central
A searchable database of China exhibitions.
SinoSource: Fairs & Exhibitions


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China Air Flight Reservations
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