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New additions
Beijing CREAT Distribution Automation Co.,Ltd.
Beijing CREAT provides field RTU with built in advanced relay function s to work with both pole-top and Pad-Mounted switches and lectable reset time up to 48 hours for locating temporary fault.

Arts & Crafts

Yijing Oil Painting
Feitian ARTS & CO.
Xiamen Wufeng Group Corp.
Xiamen Huanan Industrial Group Corp.
Xiamen Wanli Stone Co., Ltd.
Ximei Jewelery
Xiamen Sherwood Furniture Co., Ltd. Manufacture)
Xiamen Firefly Lighting Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Nonmetal Minerals I/E Co.,LTD
Xiamen Red-Horse Metal & Arts Crafts Co. Ltd.
Home Decoration and Furniture made in China
Xiamen Arts and Crafts Factory


Xiamen Xiangyu Hua Yi Da Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Hintech Linestones Co. Ltd.
Xiamen Yeshan Building Materials Industries Co.,Ltd.
Road & Bridge Construction Investment Corporation of Xiamen
Xiamen Branch of the Third Corporation, CTB
Xiamen Huanan Industrial Group,Corp
Hexiang (Stone Products) Trade Co., Ltd.


Xiamen Fengyuda Silicone Rubder Co. ,Ltd.
Xiamen Hulian Electronics Co., Ltd
Huaci Telecommunication material company
Fujian Juan Kuan Yaming Electric Limited
Star Eletrical Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Xiamen
Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic Co., Ltd
Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co., Ltd
New Advanced Electronics Inc.
Xiamen Roki Electronics Ltd.

Ada Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hi Tech

Xiamen DAOS Science & Tech Co.,Ltd.
Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Corp.
Beijing CREAT Distribution Automation Co.,Ltd.

Light Industry

Xiamen Smartex Garment & Bags Co.,Ltd.
Wanbaoli shoes & plastics Co., Ltd.
Wantaisheng Shoes & Garments Co.,Ltd.
Hongxing(erke)Shoes Co.,Ltd.
Hengfeng Shoes & Garment Co.,Ltd.Jinjiang
Jinjiang Mostar Shoes Co., Ltd.
Zhonghua Rouna Group
Shinewide Shoes
China Guangxi Kongwin Co.
Xiamen Bicycle Co.
Xiamen Brother International Trading Co.,Ltd
Fujian Jiamei Group Corporation


Xiamen Foreign Investment Executive Committee
China National Committee For Pacific Economic Cooperation


Xiamen Power Plant of Fujian
Pingdingshan Coal (Group) Co.Ltd.


New Noble Advertisement Co.LTD.
China City Information Network


The Fashion Gaiters
Xiamen Smartex Garments & Bags Co., Ltd.
Xiamen King Tak Trading Development Co., Ltd.
Hunan Jinlong Knitting Co., Ltd.
Shenhu Jiafeng Clothing Factory of Jinjiang, Fujian
Hong Cang Knitting Co., Ltd., Shishi

Real Estate

Jian Bao Oceanview Building
Xiamen United Development (Group) Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Science & Technology Development Co.


China Tungsten
Fujian Sannong Chemistry Co., Ltd. (Xiamen)
Yonglin Forestry (Group) Co., Ltd.
Yicheng Carborundum Products Co., Ltd
Guangdong Chemicals Imp. & Exp. Corp. (Group) Xiamen Co.
Xiamen Petrel Industrial Corporation
Dyestuff Factory of Jiangcheng Chemical Co.Ltd
Fujian Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.
Fujian Petroleum Xiamen Company (FPXC)

Xiamen Blue Nature Trading Co.,Ltd


Hengan Holding Co.,Ltd.
Xiamen Yuqing Industrial & Trading Development Co.,Ltd.
China Tungsten


Xiamen Jialee Enterprise Co.,Ltd.


Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, Xiamen Branch


Fujian Quanzhou Reallong Tea Co., Ltd.
Longan Tea
Fujian Yongchun Shun De Tang Food Co.,Ltd.
Xiamen Tea Imp. & Exp.Corp.,Fujian
Zhangzhou Dongshan Frozen Foods Co., Ltd
Xiamen JEFI Food Co., Ltd


Fujian Pacific Motor Co., Ltd.
Preussag Noell-China Merchants Mechanical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Lomason Automobile Seating Systems Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Jinshan Pipiline &Electric Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Xing Jia Da Industries Co., Ltd.
Fuzhou Minyue Mechanical & Electrical Co.,Ltd.
Xiamen Engineering Machinery Co.( XEMC)
Xiamen Instrument Factory
Xiamen King Tak Trading Development Co.,Ltd.
Xiamen Cummin Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd.
C & J Electric Tools Co., Ltd.


physiotherapeutic installation in left rotation
Zhangzhou Pientzehuang Group Co.
Yiyuan Pharmaceutical Co. LTD
Shachem Trading Company Limited
China Meheco Xiamen I/E Co., Ltd.

Beijing Jingan Institute For Suspect- Diagnosed And Refractory Diseases


Yantai BC Packaging Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Tongmai Group Co.,Ltd
Xiamen Wufeng Group Corp.
Xiamen King Tak Trading Development Co.,Ltd.
Solicitation of Exclusive Products Worldwide
New Concord Co., Ltd.
Xindeco Ltd.
Orient Group & Orient Group Inc.
Xiamen Ming Da Imp. & Exp. Corp.
Xiamen Fengsheng Group Co.
Guangda Import & Export Trading Company
Xiamen Anne Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Xiamen Xingxia Co. , Ltd.
Xiamen Xindeco Ltd.
China North Industry (Group) Corp Xiamen Office.
China North Industrial Xiamen Corp.<
Xiamen Temao Corporation
Xiamen Jiahua Import And Export Trading Co.,Ltd.
Xiamen Goods & Materials Imp.& Exp. Co.
China National Electronics Imp.& Exp.Xiamen Corp.
Xiamen Special Economic Zone Foreign Trade group Corportion
China Xiamen Corporation for International
China Songhai Industrial Corporation (CSHIC)
Lide Industry-Trade Imp.& Exp. Corp. of Xiamen SEZ
China Xiamen Silk Imp.& Exp. Corp
The Economics and Trade Development Corp. of Xiamen
Hong Kong Star Trading Co.

Environment Protection

Xiamen Roki Electronics Ltd.
Xiamen Feihua Environment Protection Appliance Co.,Ltd.
Ada (China)Electronic Co.,Ltd. .

Legal Services

Xiamen Xinshi Law Office
China International Tax Consultancy Company


Xiamen Xiangyu Group Int'l Transportation & Forwarding Co., Ltd.; Xiamen Xiangyu Terminals & Transportation Co., Ltd.
Globelink China Logistics Co., Ltd.


Huatong International Development Holdings Co., Ltd.

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