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China accounts for more than 50% of all investment in the Far East

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China Investment News

Website to Offer Investment Service in China, one of China's leading financial website, is going to open new on-line investing and financing platforms in April.The move will provide better financial services to accumulate funds for high-tech projects in China.

(Source: CIEC) More news here

Area Investment Guides

Beijing Investment Guide
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[Interest to Foreign Investors] [Beijing Development Area] [Taxes & Other Fares]

Invest in Xiamen
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Invest in Nanjing
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Invest in Suzhou
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Reports & Briefs

Guangzhou Special Report:
Shenzhen set a new record in attracting foreign investment

Giant Steps, Giant Problems:
China wants a world-class network, but will old-world worries get in the way?," by To Chee Eng, for Datacom.
Excellent overview of China's telecom market growth and foreign investment picture.

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Investment Laws and Regulations

Provisons of the State Council for the Encouragement of Foreign Investment

Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises
Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise Law

Joint Ventures
The Law of the People's Republic of China On Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures
Registration and Administration
Provisions for Labor Management
Joint Venture Income Tax Law
Bank of China Loans to Joint Ventures

Regional Laws & Regulations

Beijing (policy and regs for foreign-funded enterprises

  • Policy and Regulations of Administration for Industry and Commerce
  • Policy and Regulations on Labor Management
  • Policy and Regulations of Foreign Exchange Control on Foreign-funded Enterprises
  • Policy and Regulations on Real Estate Investment
  • Policy and Stipulations Regarding the Inspection of Import & Export Goods
  • Recognition and Definition of Technology Intesnive and Knowledge Intensive Foreign-funded Enterprises
  • Regulations on Reinvestment of Foreign-funded Enterprises


  • Tax Laws
  • Labor Laws
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Land Administration
  • Exit and Entry of Personnel
  • Profit Repatriation

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