Dear guest:

GHL's General Manager As one of the specialized artistic products supplier, we welcome you warmly!

All the products from our company is hand-made. We design our products and manufactured them in our factory, so that we can control all the details of our products quality and lower the goods cost.

The good art can and does change the way people look at the world. We believe art is international wealthy. What we expect is peace and love atmosphere, we say: FROM NATURE TO NATURE, we've common world!

If you like nature, please take a look of our catalog, you will find a lot of fine and sophisticated figuring and sculpture, collection designed by world-wide famous designer. All is exclusive by registed trade mark GL. If you have interest for our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.

GL Hand-painting polyresin figurings GL The after-made Jian Kiln porcelein of Song Dynasty   GL Hand-painting artistic and fine-grained porcelein   

GHL Co., Ltd.
3C, 19# BLDG., Longshan Shan Zhuang, Lianqian Road, Xiamen, China
P.C.: 361009
TEL: +86-592-5196526
FAX: +86-592-5191510

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