Xiamen Xingxia Co. , Ltd.
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Approved by the Ministry of Foreign & Economic Cooperation of P.R. China, Xiamen Xing Xia Co., Ltd. is an im. & ex. - oriented and comprehensive enterprise integrated with industrial investment, technology introduction, real estate development and foreign trade business, handing and acting as an agent for import and export business in and out of the province. It is one of the 500 largest foreign trade enterprises in China with an annual import and export turnover of more than USD 100 million.

Business Scope:

  1. To handle or act as agent for the export of cereals, oils and foodstuffs, native products, textiles, light industrial products (including cigarette), chemicals, arts & crafts, metals and minerals, machineries, and electric equipments.
  2. To handle or act as agent for the import of cereals, oils and foodstuffs, textiles, light industrial products, chemicals, metals and metal products, building materials, machineries, electrical equipments and vehicles. To undertake entrepot trade, barter trade, bonded storage business, to engage in processing and assembling with imported materials and components or according to supplied samples and drawings, to conduct compensation trade, cooperation and joint venture projects.
  3. To deal in foreign trade transportation and warehouse business.

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Add:8/F, Seaside Building, Lu Jiang Road, Xiamen, China
Tel:86-592-2033420 (16 Lines)
General Manager:Liu Qun
Vice General Managers:Dai Laifu, Liao Jingming, Lian Zhongyi

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