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Jokes About Ancient Chinese People
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Jokes About Ancient Chinese People

Not a Pair Either

A man had two pairs of boots, one with thick soles and the other with thin soles. One morning, he made the mistake of putting one of each of the boots on. While walking, he felt very uncomfortable. "How strange! How is it that my legs aren't the same length today?" He said to himself in surprise.

A passer-by told him, "Your boots aren't a pair."

Hearing this he hurried home to change boots. But when he got home and saw the other boots, he thought for a moment and said,"There's no need to change. These other two are not a pair either. One is thick and the other thin."

How Big It Has Become Overnight!

One day a scholar taught his son to read the Chinese word "one". Soon the boy learnt it by heart.

The next day while the scholar was wiping the table, he happened to write on the table top a "one" with his wet rag to quiz his son. The boy couldn't read it at all.

"This is the word 'one' I taught you to read yesterday, now isn't it?" said the scholar.

"Oh! But how big it has become overnight!" said the boy in surprise.

I'll Make Your Son Suffer and Catch Cold, Too!

In the Song Dynasty there was a Grand Commander who spoiled his children. One day he came home and saw his son kneeling on the snow covered ground without a coat on. Having asked his son the reasons for such behavior, he disoovered that his own mother was punishingjoke3 her grandson for a wrong-doing. He then took off his own coat, and ordering the servants to tie him up, knelt down on the snow covered ground beside his son.

His mother hearing about this went to ask him what the matter was.

"You're making my son suffer and catch cold. So now I'll make your son suffer and catch cold. too!" said the Grand Commander.

Having Cakes
joke 4A man was very hungry, and went to buy cakes at a snack bar. When he finished a cake, he found he hadn't had enough, and so ate a second one. He felt so hungry that after eating six cakes in succession, he still hadn't satisfied his hunger. Not till the seventh cake was eaten up, did he feel satisfied. Then, suddenly, he had a feeling of regret.

"Ah, if I had known this before, I would have eaten the seventh cake first and that would have been enough and there would not have been any need to eat those six others."

Cutting off the Arrow Shaft

Long, long ago, in a battle a soldier was shot in the leg, and suffered from constant pain. An officer in the troop sent for a surgeon versed in external medicine to treat the soldier's wound.

The surgeon came to have a look, then sain, "This is easy!" He cut off the joke 5arrow shaft at the leg with a big pair of scissors, and immediately asked for fees for the surgical operation.

"Anyone can do that," the soldier, getting upset, cried, "The arrow head is still in the leg, why haven't you taken it out?"

"My surgical operation is finished. The arrowhead in your leg should be cured by a physician who practices internal medicine."

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