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Nanjing, one of the six ancient metropolises of China, has a history of over 2400 years and is reputed as the capital of ten dynasties.There are a lot of relics of the Ming Dynasty, including Stone Carvings of the Southern Dynasties which has survived 1400 years, the Nanjing City Wall built 600 years ago, Zhu Yuanzhang's Mausoleum, Mochou Lake and the arch-shaped brick hall built without using an inch of wood or nail --Wuliangdian in the Lingusi Temple. The cultural relics related to Dr. Sun Yat-sen include Zhongshanlin (Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum), the President Mansion of the Republic and Xuyuan Garden.

Thanks to the geological location and political factor, the Jinling culture inclusive of architecture, arts, literature and religions hold an outstanding place in the traditional culture of the Chinese nation for its distinguished gathering of famous scholars and integration of cultural schools from both the North and South. The Yongle Dictionary, the earliest and biggest of its kind in the world was compiled here in Nanjing. One of the greatest works in China, "A Dream of the Red Mansion," was also based on materials from Nanjing.

Nanjing is a city with mountains, waters and green trees. Its beauty lies in "three creations by nature, high hills, deep waters and plains." With mountains and hills encircling on three sides, Yangtse River running through the city and rivers and lakes lying about, Nanjing boasts beautiful natural scenery, long history and rich culture as an ancient capital of past ten dynasties. The hills, waters, towers, woods and towns integrate into one, forming an unique scenery of various levels.

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