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Xiamen Special Economic Zone Foreign Trade Group Corporation

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Set up with authority delegated from the State Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation in 1988, XIAMEN SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE FOREIGN TRADE GROUP CORPORATION has witnessed great changes for the better in its development course over the past years. Upholding its philosophy of "Unity,Pragmatism,Pioneering and Devotedness", the Corp has become an economically-diversified,multi- functioned and outward- oriented enterpise bloc with international trade as the mainstay, integrating storage & transport,properties management, international freight forwarding,bonded business & entrepot trade, real estate development,labour service export,advertising agency, domestic trade and industrial investment. The Corporation boasts 9 management departments,10 import,export departments, 9 subsidiaries with the Corp's sole proprietorship, and holds partnership with 6 joint ventures and associated enterprises,and also owns an overseas affiliate.

The Corp has established relations in terms of trade and economic cooperation with more than 80 countries and regions all over the world, while varieties of import/export have increased to more than 100 in number.The Corp has been ranked among the national top 500 imp/exp firms for 3 years in succession, and has been awarded honorable titles of "Gigantic Exporter", "Enterprise with Authentic Contracts and Trustworthiness" and "Grade AAA Commercial Reputation" for years by the Xiamen municipal government and the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Xiamen Branch.

At present, an internal reform is under way in the corporation with the aim of establishing and strengthening a scientific and modernized management mechanism that caters to the needs of a market economy. In the years to come, we will spare no effort and will be more enterprising to complete the process for the Corporation toward an industrialized and internationalized enterprise conglomerate.

Main Departments:

Metals/Minerals/Chemicals Export Dept.(0592)5063151 Arts/Crafts Export Dept. (0592)5063152
Medicines/Health Products Export Dept.(0592)5063153 Textiles/Garments Export Dept. (O592)5063155
Cereals/Oils/Aquatic Products Export Dept. (0592)5063156 Light Industrial Products Export Dept.(0592)5063198
Building Materials Export Dept.(0592)5063157 Comprehensive Developnent & Export Dept. (0592)5082591
1st Import Dept. (0592)5063154 2nd Import Dept.(0592)5063169

Main Items the Corp. deals in:
Glass utensils, bamboo & rattan products, candles, candle stands, wood carvings, stone carvings, shadow carvings, artificial flowers, colour boxes, poly resin decorative products, pottery and porcelain, arts & crafts, artistic fans, toys, etc.
For details please call Arts/Crafts Export Dept. at :
Various sports shoes, casual shoes, children's shoes, beach slippers, sandals, garments, fabrics, hats & caps, etc.
For details please call Textiles/Garments Export :

Add:2/F,16-19/F Foreign Trade Bldg.,Hubin Rd. N., Xiamen,China
Tel:0592-5063166 Fax:0592-5063161 5068407 Postcode:361012

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