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Wang Bing Qi

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Golong Group is always devoting to development of modern wholly natural medicines & modern green health products and the marketing of top-quality,high-effect medicines & health products from both the Eastern and the Western.The aim of Golong Group is building a golden bridge to health & longevity for mankind.

Golong Group has its own institutes for high- grade science & technology,they have developed some wholly natural medicines & green health products under the guidance of new principle of treatment and new concept of health protection.A breakthrough has been made in the study of bringing the body's own resistance into playing to combat disease and rehabilitate itself. In addition, our researchers have won a marked success in reducing or even eliminating the toxic action & side-effect of drugs.

Golong's leading product is Guilong Kechuanning Capsule (its name in oversea market is Golong Xiaochuansu Capsule),which was issued by the Ministry of Public health of P.R.C.about the Certificate of the New Drug of Country and acquired the Certificate of the Protected Articles of Traditional Chinese Medicines. Golong Capsule ever won the Golden Medal of Chinese Medicines & Drugs Sanitation Science & Technics Achievement Fair in Jakarta, Indonesia,1993.Its sales volume was approximately US$10 million in 1995.Today Golong Group has become a group enterprise and an influence in China, which integrates scientific research,industry and trade into an organic whole. Now we will expand our business to the world.

We sincerely expect to establish a long-term friendship & the trade relations with the business people who import & distribute Chinese traditional medicines in your country.

Welcome to ask for more details of our products.

Golong Xiaochuansu Capsule
Moonshine Drink--A pure & nature antidepressant
Golong Ginseng Oral Granules--The king of health tonics
Golong Yan-Hou-Ning Granules--Either moisten throat or cure sickness
Evergreen Herbal Drink--A treasure for macule-dispersing & face-nourshing

Xiamen Golong Group Co., Ltd.
20/F, Hongxiang Bldg.
No.260, South Hubin Road
361004 Xiamen, Fujian, China
Tel:86-592-5150072 Fax:86-592-5150074

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