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Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Corp.

General Manager:Pan Ruogu

As an economic corporation in Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and emerged in the tide of China's economic reform, Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Corp. is in charge of the program, construction and development of the whole development zone. Under the direct leadership of the State Science & Technology Commission, Fujian Government, Xiamen Municipal Government and the Administrative Board, Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Corp. begins to take shape after five years' hard work and joint efforts of its whole staff. It has developed into a comprehensive, export-oriented group company integrating technologies, industries, trade, finance and real estate.

At the end of 1995, altogether 56 enterprises have been approved of their entrance into the development zone and 44 of them have gone into operation. The general income from technologies, industries and trade reached 1.4 billion and income from exported goods US$78,000,000.

Description of business:

  1. To initiate hi-tech industrial enterprise in the form of sole investment or joint venture.
  2. To engage in real estate and development of public facilities,provide supporting services for working and living within the zone.
  3. To deal with hi-tech related technologies,equipment,products and raw materials.
  4. To provide information and consulting services,agent business,technical support etc.
  5. To accept domestic and oversea investment,including risk investment.
  6. To engage in import and export business.

Major enterprises within the zone:

ABB Xiamen Switchgear Co., Ltd
*Founded by world famous ABB electrical engineering group.
*An ABB industrial city will be set up within the Zone, covering an area of 40,036m.

Matsushita Audio (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
*Founded by Japan Matsushita Electrical Co., Ltd. with a total investment of US$43 million, its products sale worldwide.

Xiamen South Cube High-Tech Co.

Xiamen FDK Corporation
*The seventh overseas company set up by FDK Group.
*An electronic parts manufacturer producing switching power supplies, Hybrid ICs, step motors etc., with a total investment of US$9.6 million.

Bourns (Xiamen) Ltd.
*The tenth son company of US based Bourns Inc.
*Total investment amounts to US$11 million.

Xiamen Hualian Electronics Co., Ltd.
*30 million RMB yuan in total investment. A Hualian Electronic Building has been built within the zone.
*Undertaker of several state level "Torch Progrom" projects.

Xiamen Torch Special Metallic Materials Co., Ltd.
*Invested 11.5 million RMB yuan in Torch Hi-tech Development Zone, Tongan area, covering an area of 20,000m.
*Produces a wide variety of high precision and high performance metal & alloy strips, wires and rods.
*A model enterprise in transferring domestic science and technology achievements into productivity.

Xiamen Torch Bio-Tech Engineering Co., Ltd.
*A Sino-Foreign joint-venture enterprise.
*Main product-Mushroom extract capsule can relieve alcoholism, protect the liver, improve immune system and have special efforts in tumor and cancer prevention and treatment.
*Mushroom Extract Capsule is a many times gold prize winner in domestic exhibitions on health care products.

Xiamen Ocular Lcd Devices Co., Ltd.
*Jointly founded by Torch Corporation, China electrical equipment Co. and Canny Sun International Ltd, in a Chinese-Chinese-Foreign cooperative mode.
*Total investment amounts to US$2.5 million. Produces a variety of Liquid Crystal Displays including digital segment, dot matrix LCD panels and modules.

Under direct leadership of the Administrative Board,Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Corp.,is willing to cooperate with friends home and abroad for a prosperous future in the principle of equality and mutual benefit.

Add:3/F.North Guangxia Building,Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone,Xiamen P.R.China

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