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Welcome to Lide Homepage.
Please learn our name by heart. Probably oneday you'll find we're one of your faithful & reliable business partners.

We're a supplier of gifts & household appliances covering ceramics, wooden decorations & furniture, polyresin items, etc. Our annual exporting amount exceeds US$10 million meanwhile with a constant increase of 10-15% per year. Lide is delivering the outputs from China---a country possessing abundant resources & numerous products---to customers all over the world while importing some industrial products outside the country to meet the domestic requirement.
Ceramics: They are inherited from ancient China. They're, however, by no means out of fashion. On the contrary, our ceramics are selling hot in Europe, America & Australia right the moment. While we're supplied by factories from various parts of the state, we invested and set up a factory of our own which takes in over 1000 employees for designing decorative ceramics. That's the reason why we're much more competent than ordinary traders.
Decorations & appliances made from wood & straw: Products made from natural material have an eternal charm on people. As there's still a great developing potentiality in this field, Lide has been paying a special attention to it. We have been supported by dozens of factories who are highly experienced in producing these items. They offer us the most fashionable design, stable quality & punctual delivery.
Polyresin items: We boast our competence in this field as well. Plenty of ready-made designs is available and we also offer to possess with supplied designs. Owing to the modern management inside the factory, we care much more on market investigation & designs rather than quality & delivery.
Just like a good car possessing power, we have our own power system of manufacturing and marketing. We're not like a Rolls-Royce---so splendid & extradinary, and not like a Farari---so speedy & unaffordable. We're somehow like a volkswagon---not so luxious, not so expensive, but reliable. We'd offer you the key, so you can get in to have a try and, experience. Contact Lide, you wouldn't be dissappointed.

Add: 13/F,Qiaoxing BLDG.,Jiahe Road,Xiamen,PRC
Fax: +86-592-5074920
Tel: +86-592-5084553 5084554 5130373
Zip: 361009

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