A Survey of XM Power Plant of Fujian

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Xiamen Power Plant of Fujian is originated from Xinglin Power Plant of Xiamen which was set up in Oct. 1958. In its first two phases of project, two 6,000kw turbogenerating units were installed. In May,1977, the third phase extension project began. Twe 25,000kw turbogenerating units were installed and were put into operation successively in 1979 and l98O. The No.l and No.2 6000kw turbogenerating units formally retired in Jan. 1992 at the expiration of service. The present plant has a installed capacity of 50,000kw.

Xiamen Power Plant of Fujian is one of the first enterprises in Fujian power industry system to practise the system of overall responsibility by factory manager. Covering a land area of 3OO,OOOm* and a production-use building area of l90,000m*, the plant is capital-intense and technology-intense. It has now a staff of 696 which includes 525 men workers and 171 women workers. Among them, there were 89 university and college graduates and above, 304 high school graduates and above, 302 middle school graduates and below, 49 administrative personnel, 166 professional technicians in various fields at high, middle or elementary levels and above. In the end of 1992, the plant's fixed asset is valued 5.11 million yuan. Each year it supplies averagely 0.5 billion kwh generated energy and 120,000 tons heating steam for eight factories around. It had been playing an important role in the economic constraction of Fujian province and Xiamen city for more than 30 years.

In order to ease the tension of power supply in the course of Xiamen SEZ construction, Xiamen Power Plant allocated a land of 25,000m* in the northwest Conner of the plant in May. 1995 to set up a power plant with 4 x l 1,520kw diesel engines. This project is in cooperation with Xiamen Yongchang Power Plant Co. , Ltd and is jointly invested by Sino Trend Investment Limited, Xiamen Power Investment Company and Fujian Power Industry Bureau. Xiamen Power Plant is overally responsible for the preparations of the construction, running of the new plant and maintenance of generating units. Within just seven months, the diesel engine power plant was finished with design, construction, placing order, installation, debugging. starting, net merging and power generating, creating a new world record in installing diesel-electric sets of the same kind and puting them into operation since NEW SULZER DIESEL of France.

In the new situation of socialist market economy, Xiamen Power Plant carrys out the policy of "giving priority to one business and giving consideration to diversified economy" put forward by the Power Ministry and devots major efforts to developing the tertiary industry Being geared to the needs of market and society, Xiamen Luneng Shiye Co., Ltd. of the Power Plant, Xiamen Xinglin Power Material Co., Power Overhaul Co., Power Fuel Co., and Xiamen Xinglin Power Guangming Co., give full play to the advantages of techology, talents and equipments of the power system and provide all-round, high-grade and attentive services for customers

Plant Manager currently in office: Chen Jingwen
Secretary of the Party Committee: Zen Xilong
Assistant Managers: Li Liangxuan, Guo Pengning and Chen Jinyuan
Chairman of the Trade Union: Bao Xiyun
Address: Xingxi Road 20#, Xinglin District PRC.
Tele: 86-592-6079225
Fax: 86-592-6079142
Cable: 409900

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