China Songhai Industrial Corporation

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General Manager
Mr. Xia Shao-yu

Brief Introduction

China Songhai Industrial Corporation (CSHIC),a comprehensive entity,was established with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic cooperation and registered by the State Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce.CSHIC enjoys the right of handling import and export business, and is permitted to declare at customs at any port in China.

The head office of CSHIC is located in Xiamen. Having branch companies with the authority of foreign trade in eijing,Qingdao,Guangzhou,Hainan and offices and trade centers in Shanghai,Dalian,Shenzhen as well as a number of wholly owned enterprise,Sino-foreign joint ventures and associated enterprises. CSHIC has established a preliminary import & export and domestic & foreign trade business network covering the mainland.

CSHIC handles the import and export of machinery, electronics, tools, instruments, meters, cereals, oils, foodstuffs, native produce and animal by-products,medicines, headlth products, metals, minerals, building materials, chemicals, light industrial products, textiles,handicrafts,and new products of scientific research and technology. CSHIC undertakes processing and assembling with supplied drawings,samples and materials, compensation trade, frontier trade, transit trade, counter trade,technology export and exchanges. CSHIC offers information consultancy,advertising, warehouse, bonded storage, international freight & forwarding agents,transportation and deals in real estate.

In 1995,our volume of export was USD 62. 83 million,volume of import USD 25. 52 million,making a total of USD 88. 35 million. CSHIC has been continuously awarded China Top 500 Foreign Trade Corporation for 3 years since 1993.

An inscription for CSHIC by Mr. Liu Hua-qing
We have been adhering to our principle of "Being Trustworthy,Mutually Beneficial and Developing Business with People from All over the World " and will continue to keep the principle and march forward hand in hand with new and old friends in jointly developing domestic and overseas market for a prosperous future.

Address: 12-14th Floor, Temao Building Hubin North Road ,Xiamen ,China.
Tel: 86-592- 5056842, 5061413
Fax: 86-0592-5061420, 5056846

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