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Xiamen Temao Corporation

Xiamen Temao Corporation, formerly named as Xiamen Special Economic Zone Trade Co. ,Ltd. , was founded in Jan. , 1984 and in 1987 it was permitted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation to handle or act as agent to undertake import & export business in and out of Fujian Province.With its yearly import & Export volume well exceeding 300 million US dollars, Temao Corp. has been among the "Top 100 Foreign Trade Enterprises in China" since 1992, ranking 74th in 1995. It has been in the position of No.1 for 4 consecutive years in Fujian Province and for 5 consecutive years in Xiamen. In 1994, the achievements of Temao Corp. in overseas engineering project contracting and contract labor service established itself as one of the "Top 50 Enterprises in Engineering Project Contracting and Contract Labor Service " in China .With 17 solely-owned enterprises, 5 overseas subsidiaries & branches, 14 share-holding enterprises and a dozen export commodity production bases, the corporation has developed into a comprehensive, export-oriented and multi-functional consortium dealing in international trade, domestic trade, finance,securities & bonds, investment & share-holding, real estate development,property management,remodeling engineering,international cargo transportation, bonded commodity storage and transportation, overses engineering projects contracting and contract labor service, toutism advertising and technical innovation ect.

Add:"TeMao Building",North Hubin Road, Xiamen,P.R.C Postal Code :361012
Tel:86-592-5059188(30 lines) Fax:86-592-5061435
Telex:93035 SPCLE CN Cable:0060

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