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Xiame Goods & Materials Imp. & Exp. Co.

Speech by the general manager, Mr. Zhu Yi Hui

Our corporation would like to develop business and economic relationship with the friends from all over the world based on the spirit of unity, honor, reclamation, efficiency and the principle of equality and mutual benefit.


Our company was set up on 1984. It has been awarded "Honor the contract and respect the commercial credit" by Xiamen municipal government in the last 5 years. With an annual turnover of more than US$70,000,000, it eas stated among he top 500 foreign trade corporations in China and the top 50 in Xiamen.

After years of development the corporation has become a collective enterprise specialized in foreign trade, manufacture traveling and real estate. It has a functional structure comprising nine import and export departments, bonded warehouse and some independent companies, such as:

Xiamen Metal Material Corp.
Xiamen Machinery and Electricity & Equipment Co.
Xiamen Municipal Chemical & Light Industrials Materials Co.
Xiamen Building Materials Corp.
Xiamen Production Materials Trade Center
Xiamen Means of Production Service Co.
Xiamen Agricultural Machinery Co.
Xiamen Goods & Materias Co. of Developing Land & Property.
A Second Star Hotel, Huadu Hotel.
A Steel Factory With An Output of 500,000 Tons of Steel
A Cement Factory With An Output of 300,000 Tons of Cement.

The following are the introduction of our Imp./Exp. Dept (Including self-Run and agent)

Department No.Connection PeopleTel. No. Specialize Goods Imported/Exported In Recent Years
Imp Dept.1Ms Wans Jinling2117514Ferrous & Non-ferrpus metalsSteel billets and steel products; Prime hot rolled steel deformed bar; Wire roll, etc
Imp Dept.2Mrs Huang Yiwu2026862Wooden & Plastic Procuts; Chemical Materials; Rubber; Electricity Equipment Plywood; Tinplate; Rubber; Elevator (Agent); Air-conditional, etc
Imp Dept.3Mr.Zheng Yumin2117513Refined oilPetrol; Diesel oil; Fuel oil; Lubricating oil; etc
Bonded-Products Show RoomMr.Li Jiande2117511Cars; Fitting-up Materials; Instrument and Meters.Various kinds of imported cars; Wall tile; Floor tile; Sanitary ceramics
Exp Dept.1Mr.Chen Naiming2042763Stone OrnamentGranite rough block; Stone for environment; Tomb stone; Stone carving; Slabs and tiles
Exp Dept.2Mr.Yao Luxing2042761Various Kinds of Seafood; Wooden ProductsFrozen fish fillet; Frozen shrimp; Eel, etc
Exp Dept.3Mr.Lin Hongyuan2023800Light Industrial Products; Dinner Ware; Art & Crafts; SpecialtyStainless steel products; Kitchen utensile; Knives; Plastic ware; Bath-room utensile; Quartz clock; Music box; Dry sea laver, etc
Exp Dept.4Mr.Song Jinsong2117515Various Kinds of Shoes Chemical MaterialsJogging shoes; Sport shoes; Injection shoes beach slipper
Exp Dept.5Mr.Luo Enyuane2117512Pharmaceutical & Chemical Various Kinds of ToyEpcp; Mttde, etc. Plastic toy; Electron toy, etc.

Add:7&8/FL, Huadu Hotel, 819 Xiahe Road, Xiamen, Fujian Province, China.
Tel:2022621 2035843 2022512
Fax:2117516 2026863

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