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Founded in 1965, Xiamen Instrument Factory(XIF) is appointed as the special water meter manufacturer by the Ministry of Machinery Industry.As one of the pillar enterprises of Fujian Instrument and Meter Industry, the factory is mainly engaged in the producing of flow rate meters, gas analysers and equipment for process analysis, etc. Besides all the necessary fittings and mature craftsmanship, the factory is also armed with a group of engineering technicians and skilled workers who are good at designing and making products of quality.

The factory has an annual production capacity of 0.3-0.4 million vane wheel wet type water meters and LCD water meters of different bores. Among them, the LCD water meter was listed in the Spark Plan of the State Science and Technology Commission in 1994 and as nation-level major new product in 1995. It meets the requirements of centralized management and automatic fee metering for newly-built residential quarters proposed by the State Construction Ministry. As a new generation of meters in China, it claims a vast market. LCD water meter of various types and with various functions will be the leading product for the factory in the future. Xiamen Instrument Factory at the same time produces zirconia oxygen analyser and various equipment for process analysis. In terms of product structure and technological functions, these products are somewhat more advanced and peculiar compared with other products of the same type and therefore are fairly competitive in domestic market.

With the expanding of market demand, it is very necessary for the factory to enlarge its production scale. Xiamen Instrument Factory welcomes people of insight at home and abroad to come forward to talk over establishing a joint venture or cooperative business operation and to develop together on the principle of mutual benefits.

No. Name of products Specifications
1 Vane wheel wet type water meter LXS-15C-50C
2 Vane wheel wet type water meter LXS-15E-40E
3 Vane wheel dry dial water meter LXSC-15E-40E
4 Lcd water meter LCD-15F-200F
5 Direct inlet type zirconia oxygen analyser QY-02 H
6 Injection sampling type zirconia oxygen analyser QY-03B,C,D
7 Equipment for process analysis Products can be designed and produced
According to the technological requirements

Legal Representative and Factory Manager: Chen Quanjing
Add: No.35 Fumaogong, Xiamen,Fujian, Prc
Tele:86-592-2023641, 2046563

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