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ChinaVista Online Services

ChinaVista is a division of the Xiamen Mobo Tech Company, the first and currently only publicly listed information company in China. The Xindeco company offers a number of its information and technology services directly over the Internet, via its ChinaVista website. Primary services are listed below:

Online Advertising

Are you a western company trying to reach the China market? Depending on the kind of customer you are trying to reach, online advertising could be a very cost effective strategy. Although the Chinese Internet audience compared to that in the West is small, there are still more than 800,000 Internet users in China, many of whom are wealthy and technologically savvy. Western companies looking to sell software and hardware, or companies looking to raise brand name awareness are likely to find online advertising to be a valuable weapon in their marketing arsenal.

Advertisers wishing to reach a western audience with a strong interest in China business or China travel will also find great value in ChinaVista's online ad services.

Visit our ChinaVista ad page for details.

 Business Consulting

The Xindeco Business Information company offers a comprehensive range of business information services, many of which are now available directly over the Internet. We have access to a wide range of electronic and traditional data sources and can generally provide responses within three business days. Visit our online business consulting center for details.

Web Design & Hosting

The ChinaVista staff includes some of the top artists, designers, programmers, translators and editors available in China, and they work very well as a team. In addition to producing the award-winning ChinaVista web site, the production team designs and maintains web presences for a growing number of China's largest companies and organizations.

ChinaVista can host your website in both the US (on a SGI server linked directly via T3 line to the UUNET Internet backbone) and China (on Xindeco's own SGI O2 server in Xiamen) for the fastest possible client access to your site. ChinaVista can also register your choice of Internet domain names in the US and China (, for use on your site. Questions? E-mail

 Website and Document Translation

 After experiencing the high quality English writing in ChinaVista, most visitors are surprised to learn that the site is maintained in China by Chinese natives. ChinaVista has been employing an increasing of English language specialists from some of China's top universities to help maintain content.

 Our staff can perform a number of translation services directly over the Internet, including complete web site translation -- English to Chinese and Chinese to English -- and translation of e-mailed or faxed business documents. Contact us for details. Send e-mail to

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