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Bashang  : Beautiful Grassland

Visiting the 10,000-mu forest on Mount Pingding is a must for tourists. The peak is 1,834 m above sea level, but on the summit there is a piece of flat land. Tourists can tour the forest along the winding mountain highway by motor vehicle to reach the summit. Here one can see pigeons hovering in groups. Below the halfway point on the slopes of the mountain there are 30,000 mu of conifer-broadleaf mixed forest, including black pine,
animal husbandry in the valley

animal husbandry in the valley

larch, poplar, white birch, and shrubs; and above the halfway point there are 30-year-old black pines, larches and dragon spruces.

At Bashang, tourists can visit herders' homes and talk with the local people, taste local food and appreciate the folklore of the grassland.

Besides the beautiful landscape, the local food is also attractive. At Bashang, tourists can taste a local snack called youmian wozi (rolls made of oat flour). They are rolled by hand, and steamed in a steamer. Then mushroom or mutton soup is poured over them. Another local specialty is youmian danbing (oat flour pancakes). Boiling water is poured on the flour, which is then kneaded into dough, rolled into a very thin pancake, baked in a wok, and then stuffed with bean sprouts stir-fried with pork, or Chinese scallions and thick sauce made from soya beans, flour, etc. Baked cakes made from broom corn flour are also local delicacies. Broom corn flour is allowed to ferment, then baked in a wok until it turns golden-yellow.

Mongolian yurts

Mongolian yurts

Potato kuli is another specialty of Bashang. Potatoes are steamed, mashed, mixed with oat flour, and then stir-fried on a low fire using the local sesame seed oil.

Historically Bashang has been inhabited by Mongolians, so the local cuisine emphasizes Manchu and Mongolian flavors. To welcome guests, herders slaughter goats, and roast their internal organs on charcoal. The result is meat crispy outside and tender inside. Cubes of mutton are also boiled with seasoning and eaten with the fingers. After eating the meat, don't forget to drink a bowl of soup made from chopped entrails.

Local traditional crafts include papercuts in the shapes of flowers, birds, fish, insects, figures from traditional dramas, and animals. There is also a kind of applique work, made into domestic pictures, bric-a-brac, and niches for statues of Buddha. Embroidery is also popular, including shoes and caps with animal designs, pouches, sewing kits, aprons, perfume bags, and pillows.


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