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Bashang: Beautiful Grassland

Materials are provided by "Travel China weekly newspaper"

by Gao Yanfang

Bashang is the nearest grassland area to Beijing. It is a place where tourists can view sunrise and sunset on the prairie. When night falls, tourists can sing and dance around a bonfire.

Bashang, located in Fengning County, Hebei Province, consists of three parts: Baxia, Jieba and Bashang. In summer the weather is cool. One ca see wild flowers everywhere, and in winter, the area is covered withe snow.

a harvest indication

a harvest indication

A few years ago, foreigners were forbidden to enter Bashang, because it contains military installations. But recently the numbers of both Chinese and foreign visitors have been increasing year after year, reaching a daily flow of 3,000 visitors now. During the busy season, form May to October, it receives at least 4,000 visitors a day.

Bashang, bordering on the Inner Mongolia Plateau and located at the foot of the Yanshan Mountains, is four kilometers north of Datan and 87 km northwest of the county seat of Fengning. Since ancient times it has been a pasture for Mongolian herders. Fengning is rich in grassland resources, with 7.62 million mu (one mu is equivalent to 0.067 hectare) of pasture land, including 600,000 mu of artificial pastures and fenced pastures.

Grassland in Autumn

Grassland in Autumn

Seen form afar on the Bashang grassland, white Mongolian yurts look like pearls on a green jadeite plate. The eight colored banners of the Manchus flap in the wind. The roods of some Mongolian yurts are decorated with blue designs, and the dome-shaped yurts are milky white. On the red doors there are patterns of dragons and phoenixes, symbolizing auspiciousness and happiness. Inside the yurts there are pillars carved with dragon designs. Also, there are bright lanterns and red carpets, just as were used by the early Qing emperors.

Here, tourists can don Mongolian costumes to have photos taken on the grassland, or they can ride horses or imitate Manchu and Mongolian warriors by shooting arrows. They can also ride camels or just stroll on the grassland.


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