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Dayao Mountain, An Unknown Landscape

Materials are provided by "Travel China weekly newspaper"
by Xu Zhengrong

A Hualan Yao boy.

A Hualan Yao boy.


The "earth-drum
dance" of Ao Yao.

Probably you know that the scenic spots in Guilin, Beihai and Bama are famous tourist spots in Guangxi. But, few people know of Dayao Mountain. The mountain is located in Guangxi Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County, covering 2,500 square kilometers. From the northeast to southwest range Mount Tiantangling and Mount Jinxiu, with an elevation from 1,000 to 2,000 meters. Ridges, peaks, trees and greenery throughout the four seasons, and rivers all look very beautiful at any time. It is neither hot in summer nor cold in wither. In summer, the air temperature averages at 24 C and in wither, averages at 12 degrees.

In this beautiful place live five sections of the Yao people-- Pan Yao, Chashan Yao, Ao Yao, Shanzi Yao, and Hualan Yao, each with their own folk customs.

In Liuzhou City, Guangxi, before three o'clock every afternoon, there are buses to Jinxiu County. If you go by bus from Liuzhou, passing through Luqin County located in the middle of Dayao Mountain. Jinxiu County is often cloaked in clouds and fog, but the water is very clear. Some old residences with Yao village style still remain in the east of the county.

A Hualan Yao girl.

A Hualan Yao girl.

The famous scenic spots of Dayao Mountain include Mount Luohan and Mount Lianhua.

Dress of the women of Pan Yao.

Dress of the
women of Pan Yao.

A round trip to these places costs 40 yuan by tri-motorcycle or small public bus.

Jinxiu is a county with the greatest concentration of Yao. The villages of Ao Yao have many special customs. Entering the gate of the village, tourists will step on cobbled streets, and will see big or small platforms about three to five meters high. Villagers eat vegetables planted by themselves, and drink the wine they make. The main food is rice. The dresses of Yao women are very nice. They wear black clothes with white decorations, silver jewelry, with belts, leg wrappings, and bags. The designs on these articles are all hand made by themselves. The clothes and jewelry of other Yao groups also look beautiful. At the time of the Spring Festival or Lantern Festival, or at wedding ceremonies, people of every section dress carefully to celebrate with singing and dancing. The "earth-drum dance" of the Ao Yao has been performed in Japan and Korea.

The special customs, festivals and all kinds of ceremonies in Dayao Mountain have attracted tourists from all over the world.

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