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Travel In Guangzhou

Guangzhou is an oasis with beautiful natural scenery on the Tropic of Cancer. It is green all the year round with mild climate and abundant rainfall. A great variety of flowers are seen here in all seasons. The Spring Festival is characterized by the flower fair every year. Guangzhou is filled with the flavor of flowers.

The Grand World Scenery Park
The Grand World Scenery Park
Travel in Guangzhou and you'll often feel the fascinating charm of the tourist resources here.

Th urban districts of Guangzhou is the central tourist area composed of the Zhujiang (the Pearl river) Scenery, Local Custom Region, the Cultural and Historic Sites Region, Lingnan Gardens Region and Baiyun Hill tourist Region. You can feast your eyes on the scenic sites and places of historic interest of different times, the garden scenery of unique features, the natural subtropical landscape and get some idea of the Lingnan culture with strong national characteristics as well as the folkways and customs of the city.

The three tourist routes of the city radiate in the directions of suburban counties and towns.

Litai Waterfall
Litai Waterfall
The southeast route of the region of rivers and lake consists of the site of former Whampu Military Academy, Nanhai Sea God Temple, New Whampu Port, Lianhua (Lotus) Mt. tourist Region, Upper and Lower Hengdang Islets, Longxue Islet and may extend to Hongkong and Macao. It is characterized by the scenery of the region with rivers and lakes. Travelling down the Zhujiang (the Pearl River) from the white goose Pool, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the region along the river and the grand view of the sea at Shiziyang (the Lion Sea) where the sea seems to be linked with the sky.

The northeast route for holidays is composed of Nanhu (South Lake) Amusement Park, Conghua Hot Springs, Tianhu Tourist R. and Liuxihe National Forest Park. This route makes a feature of the scenery of mountains and waters. Start off at the northern foot of Baiyun Hill and travel down the Guangzhou-Conghua
Liuxihe National Forest Park
Liuxihe National Forest Park
Highway, you can see the beautiful scenery of the hill and water made by nature and have a bath in the hot spring. The northwest route of historic sites consists of the sunny Island Amusement Park, the Memorial Hall and Former Resideance of HongZiuquan, Prince's Forest Park, furongzhang Scenic R. and Pangu Imperial Temple. This route is characterized by the elegant scenery of high mountains and the ancient relics. Travel along the Guanghua Highway from Sanyuanli, you can have a glance of the new look around Guangzhou while sight seeing the deep mountain and the places of historical interest.

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