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Mount Huashan

Mount Huashan, one of five famous mountains in China, is located in Huayin Shaanxi Province, about 100 kilometers from Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi Province. It is famous nationwide for its steep face.

The road leading to the summit is 2,160 meters long, with 3,999 steps. The South Peak, the highest of the five peaks, is 2,160 meters above level, followed by the West Peak (2,083 meters), East Peak (2,100 meters), Central Peak (2,042 meters) and North Peak (1,561 meters). The road to the North Peak is the road one must follow to reach the other four peaks.

There are many scenic spots along the road, including Yuquanyuan, Wuliguan Suoluoping, Maonudong, Shibapan and Qingkeping. From Qingkeping to the North Peak there is Dongdaoyuan, Xidaoyuan, Qunxianguan, Meihuadong, Huixinshi, and Qianchitong, which is very narrow with 370 steps that allow only one person to pass.

From the North Peak upward, tourists can visit the other four peaks and Cajianya, Tianti, Canglongling and Jinsuoguan. From there the road is divided ito two, one leads to the East Peak, where tourists can tour Yaozi Fanshen; the other leads to the West Peak, where tourists can tour Pishanfu and Zhaixingshi.

Now there are two other means to tour Mount Huashan: a cableway and Huangfuyu Tourist Highway. If you add the ancient mountain path, there are three tour toutes for the Two-Day Mount Huashan Tour.

steep mountain
Route One: Take Train No.318 in the morning departing from Xi'an, and reach Huashan Station at 9:35 a.m. After a short break, tourists visit Yuquanyuan and Xianguhuan. At two or three o'clock in the afternoon, take a bus along the Huangfuyu Tourist Highway to see the sights, and then take a cable car to tour the North Peak, Canglongling, Jinsuoguan, Central Peak and East Peak. Spend the night at a hotel on the East Peak. The second day, see the sun rise at the East Peak, then tour the South Peak and West Peak. On the road down, tourists can visit Laojunligou, Baichixia, Qianchitong, Huixinshi, Qingkeping, Maonudong, Suoluoping, Wuliguan, and Yushi. They can go back to the entrance of the ancient road and take a train back to Xi'an.

Route Two: It is basically the same as Route One. The difference lies in that after seeing the sun rise at the East Peak and visiting the South Peak and West Peak, tourists take a cable car at the North Peak to go down, and then take a train back to Xi'an.

Route Three: Take Train No. 318 departing from Xi'an at 7:50, and reach Huashan Station at 9:46. Take a short break, and walk along the ancient road upward. On the way tourists can tour Yushi, Wuliguan, Suoluoping, Maonudong, Qingkeping, Huixinshi, Qianchitong, Baichixia, Laojunligou, to reach the North Peak. Tourists can continue to climb and reach the East Peak in the evening. Spend the night at a hotel there.

The second day, tourists can see the sun rise, and then tour the other peaks and scenic spots along the way. They can then descend along the ancient road, and reach the foot of the mountain in the afternoon, and then take a train back to Xi'an.

Note: Huashan Station, on the Lianyuangang-Lanzhou Railway, has many trains to and from Xi'an from morning to evening.

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