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How to Travel in Guangzhou

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Guangzhou is the capital of Guagndong Province. Guangzhou has a few beautiful and legendary nicknames, huacheng (the Flower City), Yangcheng (the Goat City) and Suicheng (the Rice-ear City).

Major Scenic Spots in Guangzhou:

accessible by bus and taxi:
Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Memorial Hall, Zhenhai Tower, Liurong Temple, Flower Tower, Mausoleum of 72 Martyrs at Huanghuagang, original site of the Institute of the Peasant Movement, Memorial Mausoleum to the Martyrs in Guangzhou Uprising, Guangxiao Temple, Mausoleum of King of Nanyue.

The typical tourist trips in Guangzhou can be divided into one-and two-day tours. Any travel agency will provide information on the scenic spots.


Guangzhou enjoys convenient accessibility. International flights from Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou lead to many countries and regions including the Philippines. Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Hong Kong. Overseas tourists can reach Guangzhou by taking international flights or by arriving from Hong Kong. Four cruises, three express hovercrafts, four express trains, eight flights and multiple express passengers buses travel between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. During holidays and festivals, a number of vehicles are added. The travel time is short and you can return within a day.

Please allow 72 hours for visa processing when traveling from HK to Guangzhou.

Planning the Guangzhou Tour:

If you are an overseas tourist, contact the Chinese embassy, consulate, friendship associations or travel services in your home country for help. Your are required to provide the following information: name, country of birth, age, sex, profession, name of company, whether your spouse is accompanying you, scenic spots to be visited, special requirements, length of stay, date of departure, port of entry, mode of transportation, and language one speaks. The agent will contact China's travel services and inform the tourist when all plans are in place.

Obtaining the Entry Visa:

If you are an overseas tourist, contact the Chinese embassy of your home country or one of the Chinese consulates for a blank Visa application. Complete the application, and return it to the Chinese embassy or consulate, along with the invitation letter from China's large travel services.

If you are a Hong Kong resident, you can entrust the agencies of the mainland large travel services to apply for your Visa at the Visa office of China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong or the Shenzhen Visa Office under the Guangdong Public Security Bureau. If you want to extend your visa, submit your passport to the Foreign Affairs Department of the Guangzhou Public Security Bureau or the Foreign Affairs Department of Guangdong Public Security bureau or the Foreign Affairs Department of Guangdong Public Security Bureau. Allow one or two days for the extension to be processed.

Foreign Currency and Credit Cards:

Overseas tourists can change 14 foreign currencies at bus stations, airports, wharves, shopping centers, and hotels in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou businesses and hospitality sites accept Federal Card, Master Card, American Express, Diner's Club, Million Card and JCB Card.

Useful information:

Information: 114
Medical Emergency Call: 120.
Major Travel Services:
*Guangzhou Tourist Corporation
Address: 3/f., 4th of No.155, West Huanshi road, Guangzhou
Tel: 86665182, or 86661515
Fax: 86677563
*Guangzhou Dongfang International Tourism Company
Address: Room 2266, Dongfang Hotel, Guangzhou
Tel: 86673018 or 86661646
Fax: 86688921
Guangzhou Tianma Travel Service
Address: 1st floor of Aiqun Hotel, 113 Yanjiang road, Guangzhou
Tel: 81864426 or 81881892 or 81864941
Fax: 81864117
Yang Cheng Tourism Company
Address: 56 South Renmin Road, Guangzhou
Tel: 81882536
Fax: 81861862

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