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Xi'an Travel: Xi'an travel information, Xi'an map, weather in Xi'an, Xi'an attractions including: Terra cotta Warriors and Horses, The Ancient City Wall ... for travellers to plan a trip to Xi'an.

Xi'an Map includes Xi'an's location in China and Xi'an city maps.

Xi'an Tours: Private tours to Xi'an delights: Terra cotta Warriors and Horses, The Ancient City Wall, The Big Wild Goose Pagoda...

Shaanxi Province is located in northwest China which covers an area of 190,000sq. kilometers and has a population of more than 28 million.
Xi'an, called Chang'an in ancient time, is the capital of Shaanxi Province. Historians acclaim Chang'an together with Athens of Greece, Rome of Italy and Istanbul of Turkey as the four capitals of ancient civilization of the world.
Xi'an is the center of politics, economy and culture of Shaanxi and also the largest city in northwest China. It has a population of 2.76 million and covers an area of 157sq. km.


Damaishi, or a local snack market that offers all sorts of local snacks in the evening. This is also a big attraction for tourists.

Jiasantangbao, steamed dumpling with meat filling
steamed dumpling
with meat filling
steamed bread slices
with mutton soup

well-cooked Persimmon

Islamic cool noodles

Hotel&travel service:
Hotel&travel service Star Address Telephone
Xi'an Hyatt Hotel Five 158 Dongdajie St. 7212020
Xi'an Sheraton Hotel Five 12 Fenggaolu Rd. 4261888
Shangri-La Hotel Four 8 Changlexilu Rd. 3232981
Dynasty Hotel Four 48 Lianhu Rd. 7216868
Tangcheng Hotel Three 3 South Lingyuan Rd. 5265711
Jianguo Hotel Three 20 Jinhuannalu Rd. 3238888
CITS Xi'an Branch / 32 Chang'anlu Beiduan 5262066
CTS Shaanxi Branch / 45 Xingqinglu 3244352
CYTS Shaanxi Branch / 155 Zhuquedajie Ave. 5266420


The international airport at Xi'an is rated state first-class airport in China. It has regular flights to Nagoya and Hong Kong and chartered flights to Singapore and Bangkok in addition to domestic lines to more than 50 major Chinese cities. There are 2,600 kilometers of railways within Shaanxi Province. Besides a road network that links up all the county- seats of the province to Xi'an, there are express ways radiating from Xi'an to Lintong , Tongchuan and Huashan.

Passages from Xi'an to Principal Chinese Cities:
Destination Time by air (hrs) Weekly flights
Beijing 1.50 28
Shanghai 1.30 20
Guangzhou 2.50 20
Passage to Next Stop on the Silk Road:
Departure Arrival Distance(km) Means of Transport Time(hrs)
Xi'an Lanzhou / plan 1
Xi'an Lanzhou 676 train /
Xi'an Tianshui 328 train 7
Xi'an Dunhuang 123 plane 2.30
Xianyang Airport is approximately 40 km northeast of downtown Xi'an. A CAAC airport shuttle bus service operates between the airport and CAAC ticket office. A ride downtown takes about 1 hour. A ride by taxi takes about 45 minutes.

Air Ticket Office:
China Northwest airline Xi'an Ticket Office
Address:296 Laodongnanlu Beiduan
Air China Ticket Office Tel: 8702299
Address: 187 Huancheng Beilu
Shanghai Airline Ticket Office Tel: 7286152
Address: A3 Laodongnanlu Tel: 8072977


The most favorable itinerary in Xi'an is Huaqing Pool - Tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang - Museum of Qin Terra-cotta soldiers and Horse Figures - Palace of Qin Dynasty.

The climate in Xi'an is temperate and continental, cold and dry in winter and hot in summer.
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Average
Temperature -1.3 2.1 8.0 14.0 19.2 25.3 26.7 25.4 19.4 13.6 6.5 0.6 13.3
7.6 10.3 24.7 53.0 62.3 57.6 105.9 80.1 100.2 6.5 34.0 7.1 604.2
Altitude Around 400 m above sea level


1. Pomegranate in Lintong County
Lintong County is the famous hometown of pomegranate with the largest planting area of pomegranates in China. Tourists won't miss to have a taste of the world famous sweet pomegranates there.
There are tow kinds of pomegranates in Lintong, one is sweet, the other is sour. Both kinds of pomegranates are edible, but the sour one can be used as medicine.

2. Bezoar
Bezoar is one of the valuable medicines most in use in China with a history of 2,000 years.
In north Shaanxi, there produces a large quantity of bezoar and the quality is the best.

3. Imitations of Qin Terra-cotta soldiers and Horses
The museum of Lintong County has begun to imitate Qin Terra-cotta soldiers and Horses since 1982. Those work of art enjoys a good market in Europe and America.


The culture and arts develop well in Shaanxi Province. There are several operas or plays with distinctive local features. Shaanxi opera, puppet show, shadow play and Yangge in north Shaanxi are the four most famous local operas.

Xi'an Photos to show photos for each famous attraction in Xi'an.

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