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Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which is located in the heart of the Eurasian Continent, is the largest province in China in terms of its area. Xinjiang is a multi-national region marked by distinctive features of both spoken and written languages, music and dancing, and customs of the ethnic minorities in accordance with their different background of history and civilization and religious beliefs.
Urumqi is the Regional capital of Xinjiang and also a communications hub with a population of 1,140,000.

Hami melon and seedless white grape
Hami melon is a kind of famous and precious fruit in China. It is big (every one weights 3-10kg.) sweet, crisp and juicy with a sugar content of 12% to 14%.
Seedless white grape is a treasure in Chinese grapes. Its biggest feature is that there is no seeds inside. The well-known "Xinjiang Raisin in China" is from it.

Roast mutton
It is a kind of traditional local snack in Xinjiang Uygur minority. You are able to find roast mutton stands everywhere in Urumqi.

Roast whole lamp
Mutton is the main meat for all minorities in Xinjiang. Visitors from domestic and abroad are satisfied to taste such a special flavour.

Hotel&travel service:

Hotel&travel service Address Telephone
Xinjiang Holiday Inn 168 Xinhua Road (North) 0991-2818788
Xinjiang Huanqiu Hotel 2 Beijng Road (South) 0991-3836400
Xinjiang Islam Grand Hotel 22 Zhongshan Road 0991-2811017
CITS of Xinjiang 51 Xinhua Road (North) 0991-2821427
Xinjiang Overseas Travel Service 51 Xinhua Road (North) 0991-2821530
CYTS of Xinjiang 9 Jianshe Road 0991-2818426


Urumqi to major cities(by air)
Destination Time by air (hrs) Weekly flights
Beijing 3.50 10
Shanghai 4.30 5
Guangzhou 4.50 10
Moscow 6.00 1

Passage to Next Stop on the Silk Road(by railway):
Departure Arrival Distance(km) Time(hrs)
Urumqi Lanzhou 1,892 43
Urumqi Xi'an 2,586 58
Located in the northwest of Urumqi City, 18 km from the city proper. It takes a half hour's drive by the airport bus to Hongshan CAAC Booking Office in the urban district.

The climate in Urumqi is continental, cold and dry in winter and hot in summer.
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temperature -15.2 -12.2 0.7 10.8 18.9 23.4 25.7 23.8 17.4 8.2 -2.6 -12.0
5.6 4.0 18.8 22.6 25.1 29.1 16.4 18.9 14.2 17.2 15.2 7.4
Elev(m) 600-900


1. the bulb of fritillary
The bulb of fritillary in Xinjiang as a medicine has a history of more than a thousand years in China. It mainly grows in the mountainous region of north of Mount. Tianshan.

2. Luobu Linen
Luobu Linen is distributed mainly in the desert of south Mount. Tianshan in Xinjiang. Its root, leaf and milk are medicine materials.

3. Hetian Jade
Hetian Jade is produced mainly in Mount. Kunlun which is 5-6,000 meters above sea level in Hetian region in Xinjiang. The jade can be classified into white, green, blue, yellow and black, etc. The white one is the most precious.


People of different minorities in Xinjiang have created colorful and beautiful dances along the long historical development which have won Xinjiang the home of songs and dances. You will enjoy all kinds of dances and music with rich local features here.

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