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The Yesanpo Scenic Area on the banks of the Juma River in Laishui County, Hebei Province is titled a "retreat away from the world." It is enclosed by mountains on four sides with the river flowing around three of the sides. The scenic area boasts unique natural scenery, rich historic and cultural connections, a beautiful environment and cool and fresh air.

The Bofeng Holiday Resort is located at the center of the Yesanpo. It is constructed with the investment of Beijing Bofeng Industry and Trade Group. Now the holiday resort has become a large tourism reception base integrating food and lodging, transportation and entertainment. The holiday resort receives tourism groups and individual tourists, where people can spend holidays, recuperate, explore and hold meetings The principle of the Bofeng Holiday Resort is: Win your trust and support; win your satisfaction and smile.

The Yesanpo Canyon in the scenic area is only one kilometer from the Yesanpo Holiday Resort. It is composed of some ten natural valleys including the Baifo (A Hundred Buddhas) Valley, the Lovers valley and the "Tianting Xianjing" (Fairyland of Heaven). There are exotic peaks, stones of various fancy shapes, groups of caves, and precipitous cliffs. There are also four Buddha's sculptures including the Manjusti Buddha of the Wutai Mountain and the Ksitigarbha Buddha of the Jiuhua Mountain, and four gardens including the Jingxin Garden and the Wuyou Garden. From February to November every year various kinds of flowers in these gardens bloom alternatively. In addition to the precious primitive plants, all kinds of wild animals add great fun for visitors and provide an ideal natural place for scientific investigation on plants and animals.

The Bofeng Lake, in the shape of a ring on the banks of the Juma River, covers several square kilometers. The clear water blends into the green mountains around it. The Water Amusement Garden in the holiday resort offers a number of entertainment programs such as boating, rafting, swimming and fishing. The colorful and exotic peddles on the riverside are great for stone collectors.

The Jinghuayuan Palace is named after the novel written by Li Ruzhen, a novelist of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The construction covers an area of 3,000 square meters and includes 28 scenic spots such as "Strange Fowl in fight" and "Fairyland of Penglai." Electronic technologies, are used to create an exciting effect inside the palace by making use of sound, light and waves. And the exquisite and lifelike works of ancient art vividly represent historic scenes.

Food and Lodging in Bofeng Holiday Resort

Bofeng Holiday Inn: 3-star. Two building with 200 rooms including luxury suits and standard guestrooms can accommodate 650 guests at the same time. The restaurant can serve 300 guests simultaneously, with 6 independent dining rooms. Three meeting rooms can hold 50-150 people. Ballroom, karaoke, chess and poker room, and sauna are also available. Dinners can taste all kinds of game in the restaurant or try Sichuan and Guangdong style dishes.
Bofeng Hotel:230 beds. The restaurant can serve 100 guests simultaneously.


The holiday resort has an Ethnic Minority Folklore Garden, Waterfall Waterwheel Garden, Fishing Garden, Barbecue, Fireworks and Bonfire Garden, a racecourse, a swimming pool, sand baths, a paragliding field, a sand surfing field and a water amusement park. Entertainment items include horse racing, sand surfing, parachuting, rock climbing, boating, fishing, rafting, swimming, bumper boating. The holiday resort also organizes bonfire, barbecue, and fireworks parties for tourists in groups. And there are all kinds of entertainment performances and a tour of the Miao folklore.

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